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What Refunds are Available?​
Across the country, class action settlements are common. In fact, your company may be eligible for a refund just because settlements avoid further costly litigation. For many of these cases, the settlement period extends back over 10 years, making your refund much higher. Typically, we handle settlements ranging from tens of millions to several billion dollars.

Even more so, companies with more than one line of business or affiliated companies may be eligible for multiple refunds. Click here to see a sample of our past and current cases.

If you think you may be eligible for a settlement, contact FPS! We offer free consultations and may be able to suggest opportunities you haven't considered.

You can also get notified of upcoming settlements that pertain to your particular industry by signing up for FPS Refund Alerts. The service is free!
Why did Financial Power Services [FPS] contact my company?

FPS contacted you because you may be eligible to receive refund money from one or more class action settlements based on our research of your business.

We can help you recover your settlement money if possible.

What can FPS do for my company?

FPS provides settlement claim management and filing services based solely on a contingency fee. This means we get paid only when we recover money on your behalf, taking on both the workload and the risk. Our clients benefit from increased class action settlements with no out-of-pocket costs.
All FPS class action settlement claim management and filing services include:
  • Cutting time and costs by performing the administrative tasks and research associated with filing eligible claims
  • Filing accurate claims in the required case specific document format with any necessary supporting documentation
  • Increasing a claims value by identifying applicable departments, subsidiaries, and partners within a company that are eligible for recovery
  • Assuring deadlines are met for claim filing, well ahead of schedule
  • Close interaction with the Claims Administrator
  • Resolving questions or issues with Claims Administrator in a timely fashion
  • Providing updates on claim status
  • Reviewing the recovery to assure the correct class action settlement amount has been received
  • Identifying additional opportunities for eligible class action claims for businesses and clients that sign up for our free FPS Refund Alerts.

We received a legal notice about a class action settlement. Was that from FPS?

If you received a legal notice, it may have come from the claims administrator designated by the court. FPS is not a claims administrator, nor is FPS a class counsel.

How do I know if my company is eligible for a refund?

Each case has its own criteria for membership in the settlement class. If you have received a legal notice regarding possible eligibility, it is worth contacting FPS.

We can determine your eligibility by filing the claim and consulting with the claims administrator.

Can’t we file our own claims?

The short answer is, yes.

Class action settlements are public record, but many claimants prefer to work with FPS because they do not have the capacity, expertise or resources to file the claim themselves.

FPS’s primary focus is getting your potential refund as well as future opportunities for “found money.” We can also serve as consultants for claims or asset recoveries you may be considering.

How much of a refund will my company receive?

The size of your refund depends on three factors:

  1. The number of eligible companies filing claims for that particular settlement. Since many companies make the mistake of not filing, the eligible amount of monies available will vary. And, to the benefit of those companies who took the opportunity to file.
  2. The amount of eligible spending your company had during the particular settlement period.
  3. Third is the size of the settlement fund itself.


All three factors can vary greatly. We cannot predict the amount of your refund until all claims have been submitted and approved.

Don’t miss this opportunity. Let our experienced team at FPS help you get the maximum settlement recovery to which you are entitled.

Can you give me a “ball park” estimate of my refund?

No. The only reliable answer is that the more eligible spending you had during the settlement period, the larger your potential refund may be. Many of our larger clients have received six and seven figure payouts.

When will we get our refund?

Class action administration can be a lengthy process. Sometimes it can take over a year after the filing deadline, depending on the size and complexity of the settlement.

Here at FPS, we only get paid when you get paid, so we want you to receive your refund as soon as possible!

What must we provide to get a refund?

Each settlement will have a claim form or Schedule of Purchases to state your estimated or documented amount of spending.

In a “Direct” settlement the defendant companies (companies who sold you the product) will provide transaction records and other spending documentation to the claims administrator. If you dispute their records you will need to provide necessary documentation to substantiate your claimed purchases.

Will we have to provide a lot of documentation?

You'll need to provide FPS with whatever you can. We prepare your claim with any information you supply. You can use spreadsheets, purchasing reports, invoices, or give reasonable estimates.

We don’t keep old purchasing records. Will that be a problem?


However, many companies do not keep spending records beyond a certain amount of years. The claims administrator understands this, especially since the settlement periods for major cases can date back and extend to well over 10 years.

Though well documented claims are stronger, FPS has still been able to assist companies retain refund money based on the company’s best estimates providing that we describe how clients arrived at their estimates. When necessary, FPS hires case-specific experts to advocate for your claim.

This is an opportunity and not an obligation. Because of this, there is no penalty if your spending estimates get challenged or denied by the claims administrator. You can decide at any point whether to provide more information, or walk away.

We have good relationships with the defendant company. We want to keep it that way.

The defendant companies pay into a money settlement fund in order to avoid lawsuits and other problems. Your business wont be affected because once monies have been put into a fund, the defendant companies do not see who gets the money nor do they have access to monitor claimant activity.

How confidential is the process? Will the defendants know we filed for a refund?

The process is completely confidential. First, your claim is listed by number, not by name, and then you are listed under FPS’s agency. Since we are filing for you, we will be on record for the point of contact with the Claims Administrator. Your refund will be paid to FPS as your third party filing agent.

We received a small refund from another settlement and we don’t want to waste our time again.

While each settlement and refund is different and unique in size, it’s important to remember that business-to-business antitrust settlements differ greatly from consumer settlements. The guidelines for these business-to-business settlements are based on the eligible spending, the eligible fund, and how many other companies have filed a claim towards the “pot” of settlement money.

The vast majority of eligible companies in a class action settlement will not file a claim, or respond to an inquiry from a claims administrator. This leaves more money available to the companies who do file.

Is there a size limit on claims filed by FPS?

The larger your eligible spending in a given industry or case, the more it makes sense for you to file a claim.

What if my claim is rejected?

You simply will not get a refund. There are no damages or cost if the claim is denied. Remember, there is no risk or hidden costs to filing with FPS. We only get paid, if you get paid. In this case, on your behalf we work with the claims administrator to anticipate questions or objections and will contest your claim if we feel it was improperly rejected.

Who are your clients and how much has FPS recovered for them?

All FPS’s claims are confidential unless a client voluntarily discloses information. Each settlement’s recovery is based on the unique circumstances of that particular settlement and the client’s own spending. 

Therefore, each client has a different experience depending on the case and their spending.

We’re a large company. Do we have to split our refund with other divisions?

FPS will send one check to the claimant, who can then disburse the money as needed.

How you administer your refund money is up to your organization. You may want to consult your tax advisor to determine tax reporting and payment obligations from the refund.

Does it make sense to recover money from one settlement before filing a claim for a new settlement?

No, because companies that hesitate may miss opportunities and leave money on the table. The time between filing your claim and receiving your refund distribution check could be several years.

Our most successful recovery relationships are from multiple settlements filed in a timely manner.

Wasn’t there a similar settlement in this industry a few years ago?

There can be multiple settlements in a given industry for similar allegations of price fixing, collusion or other anti competitive practices. If there are other settlements that will benefit your company, FPS can file multiple claims for you. In some cases, your purchases overlap and can lead to multiple opportunities for refunds.

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