Financial Power Services

      About FPS

  Financial Power Services, LLC (FPS) has 25+ years experience providing uniquely powerful B2B financial services and innovative management solutions, built upon a foundation of professional ethics and core business principles. Our clients consist of Fortune 500 companies, large and small businesses, non-profit organizations, and select local / state government entities.

 FPS caters to a wide variety of business types and industries, using a case-by-case custom approach per each client's specific issues and goals. This allows FPS to provide creative and specialized industry-specific services and solutions.  From cost efficient capitalization of proprietary data to the utilization of its most effective and profitable implementations, all custom tailored to your organization's short and long term goals.

In essence, our business is to provide your business with profitable opportunities it may have never been aware of, assisting in its implementation thereof based on our years of expertise and experience that is catered to and streamlined for your particular business sector.

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Experience, Dedication, Progress

 We take great pride in equipping our clients with refreshing new insights which can help their business better perceive and take advantage of exciting new opportunities and areas of growth.   Powered by FPS’ own groundbreaking innovations and proprietary cutting-edge technologies. Whether it's recovered monies from settlements, expenditure reorganization, workflow consolidation, customized software applications, market research, social network business campaigns or any one of our other specialized custom services, FPS delivers results.              

 Financial Power Services, LLC (FPS) is a B2B financial consulting and management firm that only works with select businesses that we have case researched and prequalified as top candidates for time-sensitive and industry specific opportunities. This can involve fast approaching deadline dates for Claim filing and subsequent Monetary Recovery of substantial assets such as, but not limited to:


Unclaimed Money / Refund, Property, Account or Other Asset-related Recovery & Claims / Class Action Settlement Claim & Refund / Unique Market Growth Opportunity / Profit Opportunity in possible Unknown, Unconsidered or Utilized area of Your Company or Industry /  Trade Secrets or Class Action Settlement Alert that affects Your Particular Business / Industry / Other important and sensitive information concerning Your Company*