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FPS Introduces Online Enrollment Feature for Class Action Settlement Refund Recovery Services for Businesses

Friday, April 16, 2021 09:09 AM Comment(s)

Retain FPS online for your refund recovery quick and easy!

FPS has launched a new innovative way to retain 3rd-party filing services for your antitrust settlement refund claim recovery, with online enrollment. Just by filling out basic information about your business, you can retain FPS to manage and file your business refund claim for class action settlements that pertain to your business and industry.

No other 3rd-party antitrust claim filing service offers this feature.

At launch, we have food industry refund settlements available for online claim management enrollment; "Butter and Cheese" and "Broiler Chicken", with deadlines coming up fast. We also have additional settlements you can enroll for FPS Claim Management early, with more being added soon.

If your business has missed a claim filing deadline, FPS also offers retroactive claim filing for select cases and businesses, with online enrollment being rolled out soon.

To see the available cases for online claim management enrollment for your refund recovery, click below to...

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