Financial Power Services

FPS Claim Management Services

FPS assists companies large and small by utilizing our 25+ years of financial consulting and claim management expertise in antitrust class action lawsuits and settlements.

FPS navigates the complicated intricacies of the claims filing process for our clients, relieving the administrative burden and potential costly mistakes of filing on their own. We fully manage the claims filing process from start to finish, ensuring each step is efficiently handled by our team of filing experts while maximizing the value of potential recoveries.

FPS Claim Management and Filing Services come with NO UPFRONT COSTS, NO HIDDEN FEES, NO RISK

We are only paid if and when you recover money with our service. If we are unable to obtain a recovery for you, you pay nothing.

Our No-Risk Policy = No Upfront Costs to You

FPS provides settlement claim management and filing services based solely on a contingency fee. This means we get paid only when we recover money on your behalf, taking on both the workload and the risk. Our clients benefit from increased class action settlements with no out-of-pocket costs.

All FPS class action settlement claim management and filing services include:
  • Cutting time and costs by performing the administrative tasks and research associated with filing eligible claims
  • Filing accurate claims in the required case specific document format with any necessary supporting documentation
  • Increasing a claims value by identifying applicable departments, subsidiaries, and partners within a company that are eligible for recovery
  • Assuring deadlines are met for claim filing, well ahead of schedule
  • Close interaction with the Claims Administrator
  • Resolving questions or issues with Claims Administrator in a timely fashion
  • Providing updates on claim status
  • Reviewing the recovery to assure the correct class action settlement amount has been received
  • Identifying additional opportunities for eligible class action claims for businesses and clients that sign up for our free FPS Refund Alerts

Did you know?

Every year, thousands of companies fail to recover monetary damages they incurred simply because they neglected to file a class action claim to receive their share from a multi-million or multi-billion dollar class action lawsuit settlement.

Why would a business throw away money owed to them?
In many cases, these businesses are too busy to file the complex forms with supporting documents necessary to receive their class action settlement. 

Other times, businesses do not know they are eligible to recover damages. This can occur because they did not receive any notification, email, or postal notice to alert them, often because an employee considered it spam or junk mail. 

What's worse, too many businesses never file a claim because they simply feel "it's not worth it", generally confusing their business claim with the likes of a consumer settlement that they recalled reading about ...that perhaps offered the individual $5 and a coupon towards a future purchase. 

Something for Nothing? Kind of..

Here is the logic: Its always better to do something that costs you nothing up front if you may get something out of it (...something a lot more than the cost of it later) -  compared to the cost of doing nothing at all that will surely get you... nothing at all!

Don't risk losing out on a potentially substantial monetary recovery by not having an eligible refund claim filed! FPS will manage and file your eligible claims with NO upfront costs or hidden fees. We get paid only when You get paid!


Deadline PASSED?

Oh great, the deadline to file a settlement refund claim passed already.

What now?

Financial Power Services, LLC understands opportunities can be missed. Fortunately, so do the courts. Granted, after a filing deadline has passed you will have no guarantee the settlement court will honor a late claim you have filed - but in our experience, they generally do, up until a certain length after the deadline.

With that said, although we cannot guarantee a late claim we file on your behalf will be granted, FPS will still perform the same exact services and diligence we are known for in preparation and filing of your claim as we would of an on-time or early filing.

Better late than never (...better never late!)! Remember, even if FPS is filing a late claim for you or your company, there is NO upfront costs or fees for our service.

So why not go for a second chance in recovering YOUR money?

Click here for available retroactive claim management filing services by FPS.