Claim Management, Filing and Recovery

    Financial Power Services provides expert managing and added value services for your claim filing needs.

    We fully manage the claims filing process for your eligible claim from start to finish, ensuring each step is efficiently handled by our team of filing experts. 
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  • Experience

    FPS provides years of expertise in the class action settlement recovery sector. Our recovery services turn the administrative burden of filing refund claims for class actions into maximum returns for those due compensation.

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  • Dedication

    When choosing FPS to manage your filing needs, we provide:
    • a Dedicated FPS Account Executive for your Account
    • 24/7 Support Access
    • Timely updates of case information and filing status.
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    Maximize your claim's potential!

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FPS Class Action Settlement Refund Claim Management and Filing Services

Financial Power Services ("FPS") assists companies large and small with our 25+ years of financial consulting and claim management experience in class action lawsuits and settlements, utilizing our expertise in filing and managing class action claims. 

FPS navigates the complicated intricacies of the claims filing process for our clients, filing class action claims on their behalf while maximizing value of potential recoveries.

Claim Management and Filing Services by FPS are provided to our clients with NO UPFRONT COSTS, NO HIDDEN FEES, NO RISK
We are only paid if and when you recover money with our service. If we are unable to obtain a recovery for you, you owe us nothing. 

Did you know...

Every year, thousands of companies fail to recover monetary damages they incurred simply because they neglected to file a class action claim to receive their share from a multi-million or multi-billion dollar class action lawsuit settlement.

Why would a business throw away money owed to them?
In many cases, these businesses are too busy to file the complex forms with supporting documents necessary to receive their class action settlement. 

Other times, businesses do not know they are eligible to recover damages, usually because they did not receive any notification, email, or postal notice to alert them because an employee considered it spam or junk mail. 

What's worse, too many businesses never file a claim because they simply feel "it's not worth it", generally confusing their business claim with the likes of a consumer settlement that they recalled reading about ...that perhaps offered the individual $5 and a coupon towards a future purchase. 

Something for Nothing?

In a way, YES! 

Here is the logic: Its always better to do something that costs you nothing up front if you may get something out of it -  compared to the cost of doing nothing that will surely get you... nothing!

Don't risk losing out on a potentially substantial monetary recovery by not having an eligible refund claim filed! FPS will manage and file your eligible claims with NO upfront costs or hidden fees. We get paid only when You get paid!

Our No-Risk Policy = No Upfront Costs to You

FPS provides settlement claim management and filing services based solely on a contingency fee. This means we get paid only when we recover money on your behalf, taking on both the workload and the risk. Our clients benefit from increased class action settlements with no out-of-pocket costs.

All FPS class action settlement claim management and filing services include:
  • Cutting time and costs by performing the administrative tasks and research associated with filing eligible claims
  • Filing accurate claims in the required case specific document format with any necessary supporting documentation
  • Increasing a claims value by identifying applicable departments, subsidiaries, and partners within a company that are eligible for recovery
  • Assuring deadlines are met for claim filing, well ahead of schedule
  • Close interaction with the Claims Administrator
  • Resolving questions or issues with Claims Administrator in a timely fashion
  • Providing updates on claim status
  • Reviewing the recovery to assure the correct class action settlement amount has been received
  • Identifying additional opportunities for eligible class action claims for businesses and clients that sign up for our free FPS Refund Alerts

What Every Eligible Class Member Needs To Know 

Before deciding to file a claim for your monetary portion of a class action settlement, you should be aware of the potential costs involved in the claim recovery process, the all-important deadline to file, and the specific details included in the claim forms that vary on a case-by-case basis.

>>> Costs
Often there is time and administrative costs in preparation and filing your claim. Additionally, there are usually opportunity costs if you do not make the most of the claim you file. Many Class Members decide to hire a professional 3rd party firm such as FPS to assist them in filing a claim so that they can 
  1. be assured they are getting the most monetary value from their claim,
  2. increase the chances their claim will be accepted, and
  3. substantially reduce or eliminate the costs of time and administrative burden if they had decided on filing on their own.

This is why a 3rd party firm such as FPS is used by Class Members for claim filing assistance. FPS provides assurance that they will get their claim filed properly and on time, with a laser-like focus on increasing the value of the eligible claim by leaving no stone unturned in the research and supporting documentation process.

Remember... FPS charges nothing up front. Our firm receives a contingency fee based on what the Class Member receives from the settlement.

>>> Deadlines
As an eligible Class Member, there are a few important deadlines to know; the Opt-Out Deadline, and the Claims Filing Deadline. Often there may be additional deadlines in certain cases. Therefore, paying attention to case notices and legal documents is important.

The Opt-Out Deadline is the date by which an eligible Class Member must decide to opt out of a class action case. These Class Members can choose to opt-out if they do not want to be bound by the Court’s decision in the class action suit. Opting out of a class action suit means that you won’t be a part of the group of people that are involved in the class action lawsuit. This Opt-Out Deadline occurs before the Settlement is approved by the Court. If you do not proactively Opt-Out by the deadline, you are bound by the decisions and resolutions made by the court in the Class Action Settlement.

The Claims Filing Deadline is the date by which you must file a completed claim with the Settlement Administrator in the case. The Settlement Administrator is the entity approved by the court to administer the settlement process, which includes reviewing and processing submitted claim forms and supporting documentation.

FPS works with you to make sure you meet all required deadlines.

>>> Claim Forms
Claim Forms vary in complexity and are uniquely tailored to each Settlement. To make the most of your claim and assure its approval by the Settlement Administrator, it is imperative to file your claim accurately, promptly, and with the proper supporting documentation.
  • Accurate – Claims cover specific activity and purchases that occurred over a specific time period, often 10 or more years. To insure accuracy we include all potential related  business activity during these periods.
  • Prompt – Filing by the Claims Deadline. We promptly respond to any requests from the Settlement Administrator concerning additional information within their requested time frames.
  • Proper Supporting Documentation – Each case often requires supporting documents such as, but not limited to: receipts, invoices, purchase orders, or other detailed supporting documentation. On a case-by-case basis FPS determines what exactly is required, what needs to be collected, and how this all should be organized and formatted for claim acceptance. As we do this we also respond to any requests for more information from the Settlement Administrator, which can be a time-consuming and burdensome but can also result in a successful monetary claim and payout.

FPS works with you to file your claim accurately, promptly and with the best available supporting documentation.